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Tax Checklist

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88 Keep a record of your total sales over a rolling 12 period and apply to be VAT registered as soon as you think your sales will exceed £79,000 (from 1 April 2013). It now takes some months to achieve VAT registration, so you need to apply well in advance. Yes No N/A
89 If you register for VAT you can still reclaim the VAT on goods purchased before you registered if they relate to sales made after registration, and you still have them on hand at the date of registration. Stock for resale, computers and office equipment may fall into this category. Yes No N/A
90 If you receive any suppliers invoices after you have deregistered for VAT that relate to the purchases made before you de-registered you can reclaim the VAT on these. Yes No N/A
91 Consider completing your VAT returns online and paying the VAT due by direct debit. This way you will have an extra 10 days to pay the VAT to the VAT man. Yes No N/A
92 You can claim back VAT on any bad debt that is more than 6 months old. Yes No N/A
93 If your business has a turnover of less than £150,000 per year you can use the Flat Rate scheme for small businesses. This scheme makes the completion of VAT Returns far easier, and can, some cases, reduce the amount of VAT payable to the VATman. It does not effect the VAT charged to your customers. Yes No N/A
94 If your annual turnover is below £1,350,000 you can use the VAT cash accounting scheme so that you only pay VAT when you receive payment from your customers rather than when you raise the sales invoice. This can benefit your cash flow significantly. Yes No N/A



2014 Teesdale Business Awards

Butler and Gee were once again proud to sponsor and support the Teesdale Business awards held in February 2015. The awards are a fantastic way to recognise the success of local entrepreneurs in various different fields and sectors. The ceremony...

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