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Tax Checklist

Business planning, especially if you have a Limited Company
Has your Accountant mentioned this?
20 Make sure you extract money from your limited company in the most tax efficient way. Look to use dividends to avoid national insurance charges. Often the best route is a mixture of a low PAYE salary and dividends. Yes No N/A
21 If you pay regular dividends do you ensure they are correctly recorded with board resolutions and dividend vouchers to ensure there is no danger of the Revenue trying to reclassify them as loans, or even salary? Yes No N/A
22 If you are purchasing goodwill, which can be a large amount, to get tax relief you need to operate through a limited company and not as a sole trader or partnership? Yes No N/A
23 Have you looked at the rate of corporation tax you are paying and taken all necessary steps to minimise this? Did you know that on the first £300,000 of profits you pay tax at 20% but from there up to £1,500,000 that rate goes up to 23.75%. These limits are divided by the number of associated companies which are under your control. Yes No N/A
24 Have you looked at making a senior employee, a partner in the business? This can save lots of employers’ national insurance on their salary, and provide additional incentives to work hard for the business. Yes No N/A
25 Have you looked to see if you can extract money from your company tax efficiently by paying yourself royalties or interest, or by selling an asset to the company to use up your Capital Gains annual exemption? Yes No N/A
26 If you own the business property, have you looked at whether it is better to hold it personally or in the company?/td> Yes No N/A
27 If your limited company provides your personal services to only a few customers be aware that IR35 could make the company liable for national insurance and PAYE on 95% of the money you earn for the company. Make sure you have taken the necessary steps to avoid IR35 applying to your contracts. Yes No N/A



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